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Abdul Kareem M. Muhsin


We are ALMEAAD For General Trading Company Ltd. was founded in 1992 (Capital of five billion and ten million Iraqi dinars) based on its import supplementary materials for the processes of development in Iraq, in the last decade our company focused to import of oil quality and high performance to provide the best services to the final customer and development programs for all Iraqi companies , that's lead ALMEAAD to contact and deal with international companies have a long tradition in this area and conform to international standards at the time Iraqi markets suffered , the spread of types of poor and counterfeit and the consequent serious damage not only to consumers but also to the national economy in general.

ALMEAAD Co. is the official agent for Emirates National Oil Company ( ENOC )  which is a property of Dubai Government and certified to international quality (ISO - 9001 and ISO - 14001) and accredited by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and through which the subject oils ENOC voltage tests, endurance and test levels of viscosity that meet the needs effective for all types of engines and heavy machines that fit the warm atmosphere of the Middle East, especially during the summer.

The Company won the Promised confident consumer audience in Iraq because of its good reputation and great experience in its dealings and quality types of oil provided, and this led to attract competent ministries of energy( we supplied ministry of electricity diesel engine oil with 13150 drum  in 90 days ) and major companies operating in Iraq to the use of oils that are handled by our company with brand (ENOC) ,such as (STX) company, Korean implementing power production projects (Karbala, Missan, Diwaniya), as well as American Halliburton Company in Basra and Hanwha company implemented Basmaya New City Project, and local automotive maintenance companies ( Bilady Co., Baghdad co. Zamzam Co. and many others).

The company has future plans and projects to provide better services to the public,

consumers and agents through implementation of Superlub stations in different governorates of Iraq.



The company's engineering staff and technicians to provide consultancy and specialist with expertise and high efficiency.



 The company's internal transport fleet of modern trucks.



Company stores equipped with modern handling and processing and a large capacity.



Headquarters: Baghdad – Moasker AL Rasheed St. nearby Yarmouk University

The main branch \ Baghdad - Moasker AL Rasheed St.  Beside Electronic Industries Co.

Branch Sinak \ Parking Building

Branch Khilani / Khilani Square / reinsurance company building

Erbil branch \ Industrial Zone – Makhmor Road


Types of oils

1 - Auto light Lubricants.

2- Heavy vehicles Lubricants.

3- Industrial oils.

4- Heavy machinery and generators Lubricants.

5- Agricultural machinery oils.

6- Marine oils.

7- Boats and motorcycles Lubricants.

8- Electrical transformer oils.


Enoc Lubricants dependable by the following companies:

 Volvo, Cummins, Mercedes, BMW, GM, Audi, Scania, VW, MAN,


Abdul Kareem M. Muhsin

Commissioner Manager


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This page was last updated on 25th January, 2015